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Inspired by happy healthy people
Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen has worked in the healthcare industry since the mid 1980‚Äôs. He was an international salesman and product developer. As he travelled around the world selling natural plant products he was inspired to devote his life to develop herbal medicines and food supplements to increase the vitality of people. ‚ÄĚI saw how people of different cultures improved their daily quality of life by adding herbs and fruits to their diet. Their happiness triggered my passion for herbal products. My dream was to establish a company that could develop herbal products adding vitality and years to peoples lives. Products so effective that it would change peoples life.‚ÄĚ At the age of 27 and completely determined to follow his passion, Karl Kristian established New Nordic October, 1990.

A name with a meaning
The company was named New Nordic to reflect a dynamic and innovative business based on nordic tradition of living close to nature and being creative traveling tradesmen dating back from the time of the vikings. Later, in 1997 the characteristic Silvertree was added as a logo. The tree symbolize Yggdrasil, the tree of life from the Norse mythology. The silver is shiny, modern and hi-tech at the one hand but it also has a feminine energy related to the moon and the ebb and flow of the tides Рit is fluid, emotional, sensitive and mysterious. It is soothing, calming and purifying. (Billede af New Nordic logo på bærepose eller produkter på hylde: The products from New Nordic comes in different packaging but all carry the characteristic Silvertree logo.)

A passion for innovation
After the company was established, research and product development work began. The first real breakthrough was Frutin¬ģ, a herbal medicine for the treatment of heartburn and indigestion. Based on an extract of oranges this chewable tablet would produce a foamy soothing layer floating on the top of the stomach content protecting the mucous membranes in oesophagus from the the irritating stomach acid that leads to heartburn. Not only did Frutin offer effective relief in minutes or even seconds, it also let the stomach juice maintain the acidity needed for proper digestion and filter of harmful bacteria. The idea and mechanism of Frutin was groundbreaking in a time when the pharmaceutical companies re-registered their prescription ulcer drugs to OTC heartburn drugs. This was because of the discovery that ulcer was not caused by to much stomach acid but by the helicobacter pylori bacteria that could be fought by antibiotics. Frutin was introduced in Denmark in 1992 as a natural medicine.

Pioneering partners
Activities increased and in september 1992, Marinus Bl√•bjerg S√łrensen, an earlier colleague of Karl Kristian joined the company as a partner. ¬†Marinus who also had worked in the natural product industry since the 80ies brought great managerial experiences to the team. Together the two travelled around the world to establish cooperations with pharmaceutical companies who were interested in introducing this novel and natural medicine to their market. In the 90‚Äôs skepticism toward natural products were still high and many doctors preferred the chemical solutions. However, the natural product distributors were eager to launch Frutin and soon New Nordic was selling Frutin with success through distributors in many countries, including far away markets as Canada, USA and Australia. (Billede Australsk Frutin: Frutin, an effective natural medicine for heartburn and indigestion was the first innovative breakthrough of New Nordic.)

Activation of life processes
The two business partners continued their research and development work both in Scandinavia with the local Roskilde University and internationally with university hospitals in Japan and prominent doctors and specialists in a number of European companies. New Nordic build their know-how – particularly in the field of how molecules from the plant kingdom can activate life processes of human cells. A knowledge that forms an excellent platform in trying to understand how plants and humans interact. By understanding how specific organ cells can be activated the search for plant molecules with specific actions could begin. This is the secret of why New Nordic products works so well and this know-how is unique to New Nordic.

The idea traveled around the world
The plant kingdom has powerful healing and vitality bringing capacities. Benefits that can help us staying active and keep moving year after year. The research, product development and testing work accelerated and new innovative tablets was released to the market. We all want to feel good and look young and this unique approach to find plant ingredients that can activate life processes and keep our body and organs functioning while we age is groundbreaking. The idea began in Scandinavia, but it soon spread around the world. People from all over Europe, Canada and the Far East wanted to use the same New Nordic supplements as people in Denmark, Norway and Sweden took every day. New Nordic had already sold Frutin to the health stores across the USA for many years but the company did not sell its supplements in pharmacies like they did in Europe. One phone call on a sunny spring day in 2010 should change that. The Category Manager of the biggest pharmacy chain in the world, based in the USA, asked to meet the Director of New Nordic: ‚ÄĚIf you have an efficient hair tablet in your product range in Scandinavia we would like to see it‚ÄĚ. This was the beginning of a new era of New Nordic. Today New Nordic‚Äôs products are sold daily in more than 50.000 pharmacies and health stores in 32 countries from China in East to the United States in West.

How they do it
New Nordic is committed to uncompromising product quality, from field and forest to the package in the shop. The company are constantly exploring new ingredients and finding new ways of using existing ones. Under their ‚ÄĚFrom Seed to Heart‚ÄĚ program, they plant their own herbs and control every step from cultivation in the field to delivery of the finished product to the pharmacy or health retailer. They work only with reliable growers and plant extractors from all over the world. People with whom they have built close relations based on mutual trust.

New Nordic analyze all ingredients in controlled laboratories to ensure safety and effectiveness of their products, conducting extensive trials and working only on the basis of proven medical evidence. To do so, they maintain close contact with botanical, nutritional and medical experts all over the world.

Once their products are approved, they are processed and packaged in controlled facilities under the tightest quality controls. The result is a growing range of food supplements that have been found to promote vitality and postpone age-related degeneration processes.

Vitality bringers
As awareness grows of how not only to live longer but how to live well, the elderly are increasingly able to enjoy the pleasures that vitality brings. Is it always necessary to be slowed down by aching joints and muscles or simple lack of energy? At New Nordic they don’t think so, and they are trying to do something about it.

New Nordic thus offers a growing range of food supplements in the form of natural health products that are designed to enhance the kind of vitality that enables an active life far into old age.

The five icon products you see here are best-sellers. They represent some of the vitality-bringing herbal and vitamin supplement products from New Nordic that their customers have learned to look for in well-supplied shops and retail outlets. The products are different, but they all bear the mark of quality: The Silvertree mark from New Nordic!

Beauty In & Out‚ĄĘ
in 2020 inner beauty supplements has become a successful for New Nordic that it was a natural to take the next step into the beauty business. Pharmacies and health and beauty retailers had already a huge New Nordic inner beauty customer group who used the beauty tablets for many years. These retailers were used to advice New Nordic beauty tablets with other manufacturers cosmetic beauty creams. So what was more natural than for New Nordic to develop natural routine of cosmetic skin and hair product to go together with their beauty tablets? Products with the same healthy herbal ingredients in both the tablets and the creams for a holistic dual approach for treating the skins full eco-system. . Beauty In & Out were born.

Where New Nordic are heading
New Nordic is a modern family run company. We stimulate creativity and excellence and shall ensure the development of New Nordic keeping with our identity, our heritage and our expertise. Our strategy is to develop food supplements, skin care and hair care to satisfy specific health and beauty needs and market these under characteristic brands to a growing number of consumers all over the world. A number of our branded products are already leaders in their category and our goal is to establish our brands as the preferred and most recommended brands in their respective categories in an expanding international market. They have, in short, a growing share of a growing market.

Staying a free and transparent company
In todays global economy, news about company takeovers is daily routine. But not for New Nordic. They want to continue to be New Nordic and do what we do even better. They do not want to be taken over. Therefore the owners introduced New Nordic to the public stock market in Sweden. In January 2007, New Nordic was listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, First North. This gives New Nordic access to the financial resources they need to grow world wide without having to sell the company to a bigger pharmaceutical company or equity capital companies. New Nordic is independent and want to continue to be so. Being listed in the stock market also means that everybody can by stocks and become an owner of New Nordic. Being on the stock market also means that New Nordic have to report everything that is going on in the company to the public. That way New Nordic are an open, transparent and modern company, where everybody can follow what they do.