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Organisation and Management

New Nordic has a flat management structure. New Nordic is organised in a small, professional and informal international structure where things go fast and where everyone contributes to achieving results.

New Nordic focus on one brand only – the New Nordic brand characterised by the characteristic Silver-Tree mark. The organisation is simple without any matrix structure. There is a head office in Malmö, a central operational office in Roskilde and then national sales and marketing offices. Additionally, New Nordic operate a raw material and finished goods warehouse in Hamburg. The company focus on the two most value creating and brand building business disciplines: innovation and marketing. Everything else is sought outsourced.

The registered office in Malmö, Sweden is the corporate headoffice. This is the center for financial consolidation financial reporting and control and the center for product innovation and marketing. New Nordic’s office in Roskilde, Denmark is the center of procurement, quality control and regulatory affairs.

The Chief Executive officer, who is appointed by the board of directors, is responsible for day-to-day management of the New Nordic group and appoints the members of the executive management team, which is made up of the CEO plus the COO (to be appointed) and the CFO. Besides the executive management, the management team consist of the General Manager QA/RA, Head of Innovation, Head of Procurement, 10 Country Managers and  3 Area Managers, all of whom report to the CEO. Of the 19 people in the management team, 9 are women and 10 are men.

The CFO and his department is responsible for transforming New Nordics’s goals to our Country and Area Managers. The CFO and his team is also responsible for implementation, management, support and follow up on the financial part of New Nordic’s initiatives and growth as well as to clarify the company’s priorities. The CFO is also responsible for keeping insider lists and reporting to the Swedish financial authorities, Finanstillsynet. The CFO work closely with the CEO in the financial matters including the control matters of international daughter companies, matters of setting financial goals and priorities and investor relation matters. He also assist the CEO in the reporting to the Board of Directors.

The COO which is to be appointed will closely together with the CEO with a particular responsibility for the day to day running of the Roskilde office and the operational buying and logistic matters, and of online and sales, and IT development. The COO will work closely together with the CEO and assist him in matters of product development and new products launches, pricing strategy, sales and profitability, marketing, sustainability, expansion, development of the international sales company and distribution network.

New Nordic encourage a close daily cooperation between the executive management, ie. the CEO, CFO and COO. The executive team have at least one formal executive management meeting per month.

The management team also have a close contact truing to “eliminate the geographical distance” and work as a homogeneous group across borders and cultures. The international managers meet regularly as needed for internal and external matters. All managers meet at least twice a year at an Operational Planning Meeting in Malmö or Copenhagen and once a year for a few days at the yearly International Management Meeting. The Country and Area Managers also meet once or twice a year for a year for a regional Marketing Meeting and once a year for an International Marketing Meeting. Part of the management team will meet with international Distributors once a year at the International New Nordic Meeting (Distributor meeting).