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We have a plan for how to deliver strong results in the future.

The plan includes:
Driving Growth Internationally
Building Market Leadership
Growing Profitability

The plan goes on to define how we will connect our brand to the consumers and make them loyal. The plan is based on the following steps:

– offer the most effective products and the best product experience at the right price
– continue high focus on marketing
– engage further with national and international retailers both online and offline

Financial Strategy
Our financial strategy is simple.

Keep high gross margin
At New Nordic will strive to defend our high gross margin through product innovations, improved sourcing and increased economy of scale, which will reduce cost of goods. Simultaneously we will ensure to increase pricing without jeaopardising the price-value advantage.

Overheads down
Economy of scale and a focus of simplifying procedures will bring our overheads down. Overheads will be kept stable with growing sales which will bring overhead expense per cent down. Additionally the employ- ees are encouraged to save costs where possible.

Marketing investments
We will continue to invest the current percentage of sales in advertising and other marketing activities. The most awarding way for both the company and its retail partners is to allocate spendings as much as possible to direct end consumer advertising and only a smaller part to trade advertising. This increase brand awareness, increase category news and increase traffic in store.
Operating profit

Managing these means will result in an increased operating profit and generate funds to invest in further business growth.