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The New Nordic brand
A brand that consumers like, trust and support is the best and most durable asset a company can have.

The New Nordic brand has existed for 30 years. The brand is growing day by day strengthening it’s value as a Scandinavian heritage brand that goes well back in time. It is a brand with a Scandinavian, effective and herbal image. We careful manage the brand to create a global brand with robust brand values. Our slim but effective organisation and business structure makes it possible for us to allocate higher amount of ressources in marketing and relations with the consumers. Our constant innovation keeps our brand newsworthy and our focus on effectiveness build trust in our brand over time. Our goal is to firmly establish New Nordic as a brand that can be durable for generations.

The New Nordic brand will be durable beyond any cyclical technical or manufacturing advantage, beyond any patent or design that is due to run out and beyond any brilliant manager that is momentarily lifting his company to extraordinary performances.

The New Nordic brand is not created quickly by fancy advertising slogans. It is build over years by offering meaningful substance to the consumers. A product is something that is made in a factory; a brand is something that is bought by a consumer. A competitor can copy our fine products; our brand is unique. A product can be quickly outdated; a successful brand is timeless.

The value of the New Nordic brand lives deeply in the minds of the consumers – like a “religion”. A pleasent story that travel across geographical borders and cultures. The New Nordic brand will continue to exist even after the day that we are no longer on this planet.

The successful international New Nordic brand typically serve personal and basic needs that are deeply rooted in the emotional minds of the consumers and it enjoy high pricing and distribution powers relative to competitors. As a result New Nordic can be very profitable and pay high dividends to it’s shareholders.

The characteristic “New Nordic Silver-tree Mark”
Since the beginning of New Nordic history our logo has been a fantasy tree representing the Norse World-tree Yggdrasil. In 1997, Göran Rossling created our characteristic silver tree mark. This was before Göran gained international recognition by creating the Bluetooth logo which also has its roots in Nordic history.