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Auditing committee

New Nordic‚Äôs auditing committee is appointed annually by the board of directors. The auditing committee consists of Marinus Blaabjerg S√łrensen (chairman) along with Lennart Sj√∂lund and Jessica Tyremann (members).

The committee’s meetings, at which minutes will always taken, will typically also attended by CFO and the company’s auditors. Various specialists, e.g. in security or IT, are called in if necessary.

The auditing committee will monitor the company’s financial reporting, which includes monitoring the effectiveness of the company’s internal control and risk management. Its work includes handling auditing issues and financial reports published by the company.

The auditing committee will continually receive information and supporting documentation for decision-making from, among others, the CEO, the CFO and the company’s external auditors. A further task of the auditing committee is to ensure that accurate information is provided promptly to the board.

The auditors appointed by the annual general meeting attend the meetings of the auditing committee to report on their reviews of the group’s annual report and accounts etc. The auditing committee also reviews and monitors the impartiality and independence of the auditors and regulates which assignments the accounting firm may conduct in addition to the audit. The committee also assists the nomination committee with any proposals to the AGM concerning the election of auditors.