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The Share


Currency: SEK

Trade name: NNH

ISIS: SE0001838038

Bloomberg ticker: NNH:SS

Number of Shares

Total number of shares 6,195,200

Share Capital SEK 6,195,200

Major Shareholders

As of 31 December 2019, the number of unique shareholders holding shares with a value of at least EUR 500 was 122 plus 615 non-public shareholders, compared to 100 unique and 526 non-public shareholders at the beginning of the financial year.

The combined shareholding of the ten largest shareholders was 93.9 percent (94.5) of the shares outstanding and of the votes. New Nordic Healthbrands AB. New Nordic Healthbrands BA also retain the service of Mangold AB as liquidity provider.

Below you will find the table reproduced from New Nordic share register as per 2020-04-08. The data in the table is based on information from Euroclear Sweden AB.

List of the 10 biggest shareholders per 2020-06-04:

Shareholders Numbers of shares
Ownership (%) Changes from previous month
Fjord Capital ApS* 2.318.684 37,43
UBS Switzerland AG, W8IMY 1.566.210 25,28
Credit Suisse (Switzerland) LTD 937.280 15,13
Six Sis AG, W8IMY 292.466 4,72
Bfcm p/c bfcm sweden retail ft 201.995 3,26
Kock, Christian Axel 196.583 3,17
Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring 131.033 2,12 -2 143
Johansson, Lars 80.00 1,29 3 376
JPM chace NA 55.384 0,89
Försäkringsaktiebolaget, Avanza pension 49.472 0,80 712
Total 10 largest shareholders
5.829.107 94.09
Total other shareholders
366.093 5,91
Totalt number of shares
6.195.200 100,00

Share Development


The share price has increased with 70 percent from 40.00 SEK to 68.00 SEK during 2019. Relative to the OMX Stockholm Total (OMXSPI) the share has increased with 86% in 2018.



Market Capitalisation


Market cap 29. December 2017: 248 mSEK


Market cap 28. December 2018: 421 mSEK


* 2,327,656 shares are owned by Fjord Capital ApS, where Marinus Blåbjerg Sørensen is CEO and where he and his family owns 100% privately and via companies.