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At New Nordic we are a small team that create big results. The revenue and profit per employee bear withness to the efficacy of our peoples and administration routines. We want to keep it this way.

To build the value of our brand comes first: Our team always focus on the New Nordic customer first. New Nordic is for our customers, not for the internal teams. Our brand is always top of mind in any action.

Our values
Below you will find our values. If you want to know more about our ethics you can download our New Nordic Code of Conduct here.

Our heritage is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian way of living. We value outdoor healthy living, natural materials and the vitality bringing benefits of natural elements. We live with integrity. We teach our children to become good citizens that are honest, trustworthy and do their best to bring value to society. We think long term. We build lasting relations and take decisions for the long-term benefits for everyone. We care for the long-term state of our planet and we live a pure life.
New Nordic aims to be the undisputed Scandinavian leader of herbal natural health and beauty products. Our growth and long-term future are based on values and principles which are part of our culture and which should inspire and guide everyone’s actions.
This ambition is backed up by the ten fundamental values. Our values help determine our behavior and should be carried right through to the suppliers, to the customers and to each other. The values should be shared by everyone involved in New Nordic:
– Joyful: because to be with someone who smiles at you, is positive, and take difficulties with good mood feels good and makes every day a better day.
– Trustworthy and honest: because is fundamental in the “New Nordic culture”, and behavior towards colleagues, customers, and suppliers.
– Frugality and decency: because waste, wastefulness and sloppiness destroy the company’s finances and reputation
– Alertness: because being able to see problems arising at an early stage and taking action against them immediately without waiting makes thing so much easier for all
– Creativity: because our future success will come from the renewal of our product offering while respecting the roots of our Scandinavian heritage.
– Simplicity: because we eliminate the unnecessary in our products and business routines in order that the necessary may speak.
– Excellence: because we represent what is the most relevant and effective products in the world.
– Passion: because our brand and products represent an extraordinary asset, a source of dreams and hope to maintain vitality, health and joy year after year.
– Entrepreneurship: because this guarantees our ability to react and our motivation to create and seize opportunities.
– Winning attitude: because it is through continually excelling and expressing a winning attitude that we accomplish the best and achieve the best results.
The principles set out in the following Code of Conduct constitute an ethical and practical framework within which New Nordic employees are invited to act and exchange in order to realize the passion that binds them.
Respect for national and international laws, regulations and rulings, notably in the area of social and environmental legislation, is a prerequisite for the credibility of our procedures. New Nordic invites its employees to use in a responsible way, the values and principles hereby stated.
Finally, this Code of Conduct sets out to serve as a common base and source of inspiration. It unites the fundamental principles which represent our shared commitment and serves as a guide for our professional conduct on a daily basis. It evokes the principles of conduct that drive us.

Employee behaviour
A New Nordic employee’s most important task is to make life easier for others. For the consumer, the colleague and the suppliers. We act on how things can be made easier for customers, colleagues and suppliers in their daily work and life. Solve problems, initiate simplicity of routines and motivate others with a smile.

A New Nordic employee who are involved in developing products will study the need of consumers and develop products and solutions that make life easier for them.

A New Nordic employee, whose work includes making financial choices, must act as a good merchant, and the decisions must be made on the basis of good reason.

A New Nordic employee working with customers should be knowledgeable and friendly and know everything about New Nordic products and history

be informative, not arrogant;
be professional, not casual;
be friendly, not stuffy;
adapt her behaviour to suit the customer, some want to talk business only and some want to talk more personal;
inform customers about any difficulties that might be occurring and be upfront with changes;
inform her manager of any scenarios that may have the potential to become problematic;
be as accommodating as possible without jeopardising her professionalism; and smile!

Selling is intangible, engaging, knowledgeable, welcoming, and friendly.
The idea is to create a lasting memory.

Sales peoples knowledge

It is imperative that anyone who are in contact with the trade and consumers know every product and why it is in our product assortment. This should encompass:

the unique selling points;
ingredients and purpose;
“free from” and allergic reactions;
size variants; and
country of manufacture.