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Nominee Committee

The nominee committee prepares and submits proposals for decisions at the annual general meeting.
At the annual general meeting on April 29, 2022, the chairman of the board was tasked with contacting the largest shareholders in terms of votes as of the end of December 2021 and asking them to appoint members to a nomination committee together with CEO, Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen. The nominee committee consists of three members.
Considering New Nordic’s ownership structure, Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen, in his capacity as representative of the main shareholder, Vaccinium Holding ApS, is the natural choice to be chairman of New Nordic’s nominee committee. This deviates from section 2.4 of the Swedish Corporate Governance Code.
It is up to the nominee committee to decide before the general meeting whether the nominee committee finds it necessary to propose to the annual general meeting a change to the principles in question.
The nominee committee’s main task is to propose board members, chairman of the board and auditors as well as their fees in such a way that the annual general meeting can make well-founded decisions. The nominee committee has access to the evaluation that the board makes of its work as well as information about the company’s operations and strategic direction.

Proposal for the general meeting
The nominee committee’s proposal is published in connection with the call to the annual general meeting and is also made available on the company’s website together with a description of its work. The nominee committee’s term of office extends until a new nominee committee is appointed. Fees for work in the nominee committee are not paid.

Shareholder influence
Shareholders who have views and proposals for the nominee committee can get in touch via email to kk@newnordic.dk or by post to the company’s address.

The Nominee Committee
New Nordic Healthbrands AB
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The nominee committee remains until a new one is appointed and currently consists of
‚ÄĘ Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen (Chairman of the Board of the Nominee Committee)
‚ÄĘ Marinus Bl√•bjerg S√łrensen
‚ÄĘ Alexandre Pergament

Press release:
New Nordic pressmeddelande РValberedning 30-10-2023