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Natural magic

The beauty of nature
The healing power of nature is a magical concept. In Scandinavia, we live close to nature, so we have great respect for natural elements. From delicious berries, to the extraordinary herbs that Mother Nature has to offer, New Nordic develops an endless list of remedies for everyday health and beauty needs. We specialize in food supplements and beauty products based on extensive scientific proof, resulting in pure and clean products natural magic is all about.

Our mission

To make a contribution to the world by making health and beauty products that advance the wellbeing of humankind.

Our strategy

New Nordic develop herbal food supplements and beauty products to satisfy specific health and beauty needs and market these under characteristic brands to a growing number of consumers all over the world. All with care for people and nature.

Our vision

The New Nordic purpose and vision addresses what business we are in and where we are heading in the future. Our vision is to market health and beauty products all over the world and create value for customers, suppliers, ourselves and our shareholders.

We always focus on the New Nordic customer first: New Nordic is for our customers, not for the internal teams. Our international team is a group of effective product developers, salespeople and business professionals with a genuine passion for healthy living and a genuine interest in making life easier for our consumers, colleagues and the people around us.

New Nordic remains committed to develop superiorly effective products that solves real needs amongst people in the world; be masters of marketing and communication that sells our products and add to the value of our New Nordic brand.