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To demonstrate how we manage our business and which financial guidelines we use, we can introduce you to the essentials we value highly in our New Nordic business:

Return essentials:
HIGHLY PROFITABLE BUSINESS. The gross margin shall maintain high with, the return after tax shall be higher than that of the average return of listed companies and so shall the return on equity and capital.
GOOD LONG TERM ORGANIC GROWTH PERSPECTIVES. Both in sales and earnings per share. The goal is to grow higher than the average global consumer health and beauty market.
FOCUSED MANAGEMENT TEAM. Management must have a clear understanding of our consumers and our business and a clear vision on how to further build the value of our brand.

Risk essentials:
DURABLE INTERNATIONAL CONSUMER BRAND. The New Nordic brand that the company owns is already an international brand and we must focus to develop this world-class brand with the ultimate aim of becoming world-leading in the two categories; natural Beauty In & Out™ and herbal food supplement categories.
ASSET LIGHT BUSINESS MODEL. The company can grow without heavy investment in assets.
NO – OR LITTLE DEBT. The company ”travel lightly” without any debt burdens.

Shareholder essentials:
MANAGEMENT WITH HIGH INTEGRITY. The management is honest and direct in management behaviour and reporting to shareholders.

HIGH RETURN OF EQUITY AND DIVIDEND PAYMENT. The company does not ”Sit on the money” but payout dividend in order for shareholders to allocate money for more investments.

FOCUS ON GROWING EARNINGS. The management understands and honours the shareholder’s interest in growing earnings per share.